The Lumberyard Bike Park is divided up into a number of different lines and sections, with fun features designed to challenge all levels and disciplines of riders.

Green Line

Most first time visitors start on the green line, a beginner to intermediate pump/ jump course and the most popular section of the park. In addition to the pump/ jump line, there is a technical balance trail as well as a mini-ramp.

Here’s a great video ride-through by Levi Weert.

Lumberyard Lines with Levi: Green Line from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

Orange Line

The Orange Line, AKA the pump track is accessible from the start of the Green Line.

Demonstration Perpetual Motion from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

Brown Line

The Brown Line is our technical trail line. It features a bit of everything, from rollers, tables and berms to balance sections and drops. If you’re looking to perfect your mountain bike trail skills, this section was made for you.

Lumberyard Lines with Levi: Brown Line from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

Note: we’re often changing up the layout of the park, and the Brown Line has recently been revamped, so much of it has evolved since this video.

Blue Line

Part jump line, part BMX park, the Blue Line is most popular with our intermediate to advanced riders. Filled with table tops, step ups and step down jumps, spine ramps, bermed turns and a vert wall, the Blue Line is filled with endless options and interpretations. Because of the difficulty level, we ask riders wait until mastering the Green Line before moving on to the Blue.

Demonstration Blue Sky from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

The Bunker

Hidden in our basement, the Bunker is our street course, (It’s also scooter friendly) perfect for practicing BMX and grinds.

The Bunker/ basement section at the Lumberyard Bike Park in Portland

BMX Bunker from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

The Pen

Located outside in our gated area, the Pen features advanced box jumps, step up and step down jumps and a vert ramp. The Pen is open when weather allows, with a full size air bag for perfecting new tricks.

Paddy Gross 20ish second Tuesday Lumberyard Edit from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

wyatt_airbag_superman from LUMBERYARD on Vimeo.

Note: the air bag isn’t always open, so if you want to come down to ride it, please give us a call.