Private Instruction

Private Instruction


If you’re looking to increase your skill on a bicycle or looking to learn how to throw down some new tricks sign up for private lessons with our certified instructors. We’ll make sure you have the basics down and then help build up your skill level so you can get better at whichever style of riding you prefer. Where ever you begin, our instructors will help take you or your kids to the next level!

One hour of private instruction is $60 per hour for individual instruction.

Additional participants may be included at $40 per person for up to 5 people per instructor.

If a smaller group wants an additional instructor, the initial $60 per hour charge applies.

Please note this fees include admission for the day. Participants may continue riding after the lesson for no additional charge.

For scheduling a lesson you can fill out the request form here, call us at (503)252-2453 or stop by and sign up with our awesome front desk staff.

Guided Tour

Having a Party? Ensure guests have a blast by including our private guided tour of the park!

The Lumberyard is thrilled to offer all parties and groups an optional introduction to the park including some basic coaching by one of our amazing park instructors.

The instructor spends about 45 minutes with each group, introducing them to each area of the park, conveying the rules and standard etiquette, checking the riders’ bikes, sharing some bike activities and concluding with a supervised riding session with pointers to help riders be more confident and have more fun!

This is a great way to kick off your party and help the kids jump start their experience. Add this great option for only $90.