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Bike Check

We recommend that all bikes intended for use at the Lumberyard Bike Park be checked for proper function prior to arrival to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the rider. Some accessories can interfere with riding or break easily, so we’ve listed a sampling of those below. Please check your ride against this handy bike checklist.

Verify Bike Function:

  • Chain free of rust and well lubricated (if it squeaks, oil it).
  • Chain is sufficiently tight and does not fall off under use.
  • All bolts are tight (handlebars, stem, cranks, seat post, etc).
  • Frame and fork are straight, aligned and without visible damage.
  • Wheels, cranks, and pedals spin freely.
  • Wheels are true (not warped/wobbling) and spokes are evenly tensioned.
  • No side-to-side play with wheels or cranks.
  • Tires have sufficient pressure (indicated on tire sidewall), tread and sidewall integrity.
  • Smooth back-and-forth movement in handlebars.
  • If geared, run through all of them to ensure shift function.
  • Verify that suspension parts function and spring back when compressed.
  • Brakes stop rider effectively.
  • Brake pads have plenty of wear left.
  • Check brake/shifter cables and housing are in proper condition.

What to Look for in Fitting a Bike for the Park:

  • Frame size is appropriate for age, weight, and skill of rider.
  • Rider can stand over bike frame with feet on the ground (~1” clearance below crotch).
  • Rider can touch the ground with at least one foot while seated on bike.
  • Seat is low and out of way (most riders stand on pedals here).
  • Brake lever reach is appropriate for rider (check reach adjustment, if available).

We Recommend Removing Extra Accessories:

  • Reflectors
  • Kickstands
  • Handlebar mounted bike bells and lights
  • Baskets
  • Tassles
  • Bike Racks
  • Training wheels

Suit up with Protective Gear (helmets and pads can be rented):

  • Helmets are required, (full face helmet and/or mouth guard recommended)
  • Arm and leg pads recommended
  • Biking gloves recommended
  • Appropriate rubber-soled athletic shoes

If this is your first visit to the Lumberyard Bike Park please take a minute to read over our First Time Visitors page to familiarize yourself with the rules and sign the Waiver prior to coming in.

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