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,Q: What programming options do you offer for after school?

A: We have several options for you based on rider experience and skill level:

Greenhorns: This is for ultra beginners OR riders too young to start in our regular Shred. Push and Pedal classes available. Works for ages 3 and up.

Shred Academy: For developing or intermediate riders. Typically riders in this class have ridden here before OR participated in our Shred Sampler class. Works for ages 6 and up.

Advanced Shred: For riders who have been in our Shred Academy class before and can demonstrate competence on all features in the Lumberyard.


Q: Do you offer bike riding instruction for adults?

A: Absolutely! We have many options for adults, including one-on-one instruction, group instruction and regular riding clinics.


Q: Can I store a bike there if we are in a multi-day camp?

A: Sorry, not for Summer Camp or After School programming. We cannot assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods. We have a secure locker for members to store their bikes for a low monthly rate.  Bikes left overnight will be impounded. Rental bikes are available, though.


Q: Do you offer discounts for signing up multiple children?

A: At this point discounts are offered to members and those whom are currently enrolled in a program.


Q: Can we stay and ride after class?

A: Yes, if the session is not fully booked, they can ride the following session for an additional $7.50 (paid at the time). Though, kids under age 13 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.


Q: Can we arrive early for camp and ride?

A: You may arrive 30 minutes before the start of your After School program time.  Anything before then is subject to regular park rates.


Q: Can we schedule additional lessons with a coach?

A: Yes! We offer discounted 60-minute ”tutoring” lessons for those currently enrolled in a running camp for only $40 per session. 


Q: How do I know if my child’s bike is suitable for class?

A: Visit our Bike Check page to help assess the condition your child’s bike for use in our programs. We would be happy to inspect your bike before class on day one. Rentals available on a first come first serve basis for $60 for the duration of each  After School and Summer Camp program.  To keep your child riding, we will make any necessary repairs during camp up to $45 and bill your account. 


Q: Do I have to stay at Lumberyard while my child is in class?

A: Yes, if your child is in a Greenhorns class. No, if your child is in Shred Academy or Advanced Shred. You must be here at the end of class to avoid late pick up fees unless your child is over the age of 13, then you can pre-arrange for self-checkout for your older child.


Q: Is there a place my child can store their belongings during class time?

A: Yes. They are free to leave their things in our program room during class. This is also where we start and end each class.


Q: My child has never ridden at the Lumberyard.  How do we know where to start with instruction?

A: Our Shred Samplers, or Private lessons are a great way to get started on assessing their abilities. From there, we can usher your child to the right class. 


Q: What protective gear should we consider?

A: We only require that each rider wears a helmet and closed toe shoes. For the best protection, we recommend our students wear a full face helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and shin guards. We educate the students about protective gear as one of our many lessons in class. We offer a 10% discount to students who would like to purchase protective gear or anything else in our pro shop for the duration of camp. We can provide rental protective gear for $3 per session.


Q: What is your student to coach ratio?

A: We strive for 6/1 ratio but it can vary by activity and class content.


Q: How can I stay informed about my child’s progression?

A: Our awesome Program Director will send weekly emails to each parent (based on the email provided upon sign up). These will summarize lessons learned that week and cover the plan for the following week. We provide some direct post-class feedback, however, our coaches are happy to entertain questions from parents during pickup or drop off! 


Q: Do you offer make up days if we miss a class?

A: Typically we do not offer any make up days for missed classes unless class was canceled on behalf of the Lumberyard, in which case we will contact you for make up options.


Q: Do you have a waiting list for camps?

A: Yes, if a class you would like to register for is sold out, email us at and we will add you to the waitlist for that class. Current enrollees always get first dibs on the following class at a 10% discount. Members always save 10% on all of our programs.