Event Information and Guidelines

    1. All guests may wear masks and socially distance themselves but are not currently required.
    2. In order to balance demand, staffing shortages and other issues we are offering hostless events in our event room. Our event room can seat up to 15 and accommodate up to 20 comfortably.
    3. We offer our event room in blocks of 2 hours ( 12-2 PM or 4-6 PM Saturday & Sunday).
    4. Priced at $100 for the room and subject to availability. Advance bookings only.  You can book here.
    5. Room fee does not include cost of ride sessions, but does qualify your guests for the discounted bike rental price of $15.
    6. Now that the on site restaurant has closed, we do allow outside food or beverage. Due to county health codes, all food must be restaurant prepared or pre-packed (store bought) food.  No alcohol, sorry.
    7. Cakes or desserts are acceptable however, they must be store-bought or bakery-made, they cannot be homemade. This is a health code regulation in the state of Oregon.
    8. Balloons and decorations are welcome but limited to your event room area. Please, no staples, tacks, nails, or anything that will damage walls. Standard transparent tape is recommended. Please, no confetti, glitter or piñatas.