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Blake made the trek to Portland in 2017 from central New York. BMX freestyle is his main focus, primarily in parks and dirt. He likes to attack tricks aggressively, whether it’s in the air or utilizing brakes to get technical. One thing he has always treasured about BMX is the fact that everyone is their own rider – an individual. Now that he is a part of the Lumberyard he is developing into a knowledgeable coach and a strong member of the instructor team.


Given that Chris misspent his youth on a banana-seat Stingray clone, jumping dirt mounds in the razed orange groves surrounding sixties’ Disneyland, it’s not surprising he’s drawn to this bicycle theme park called the Lumberyard.

“Working at the ‘Yard is like starring in Stan Lee’s Guardians of the Galaxy. We’re this ragtag but awesome team of reluctant heroes and heroines finding our own superpowers while helping our guests discover theirs.”

Off the boards, Chris rides trail and tarmac, always believing in the power of bikes to change one’s world for the better.


Cory is That Guy. If you can dream it, he can build it. Cory has been stocking our retail area with components that you can’t find anywhere else. He’ll fit you to the perfect bike or even help you build one from the frame up.

So, the next time you are in our retail area drooling over parts, remember that Cory is the guy that brought them in for you.


Bring on the gnar! Coach Elaine Bothe is one of our amazing instruction partners. Elaine loves dirt, rocks, mud, corners, steeps, drops, air-time, and going fast — uphill and especially down.

As a serious racer and passionate coach in mountain biking and cyclocross, her enthusiasm and skills-teaching experience builds confidence in her clients, helping them establish and meet goals for their skills, fitness, or racing.


Emiel has been riding bikes his entire life, mainly focusing on trail riding, enduro races, and going fast. He loves getting stylish in the air and hitting jumps. He has been riding at the ‘Yard on and off since 2015 and could not be more excited to be apart of the team here and starting to coach!

Emiel loves sharing his passion for bikes and is always ready to shred with new people!


In the pursuit of happiness, Kortney left her job of 6 years to join the Lumberyard crew. Working her way up through the ranks, she went from front counter to birthday party hostess, to manager, to instructor, to lead instructor.

She works to pass on courage and confidence in her instruction and especially loves working with younger riders who are just getting started in the sport. Outside of the Lumberyard, Kortney is a true outdoor enthusiast. She loves biking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, camping, and her dog Tayko!


Levi is our rad Program Director here at the ‘Yard and runs our Shred Academy programs year ‘round and is stoked for all of the kids he helps to be better riders.

Levi is a certified MTB instructor by PMBIA and has also trained with Simon Lawton and the “Fluidride” techniques at Duthie Hill in Washington.

Levi knows his way around a bike (he is a UBI certified bicycle mechanic and shop operator). His BMX freestyle background makes him a unique MTB instructor as he tends to “think outside the box” on his approach to training.


A lifelong Oregonian, Michael’s passion for mountain biking and his entrepreneurial spirit drew him into this amazing bike park venture. Having a gift (curse?) for managing processes and details, he endeavors to persevere in an uncompromising business world.

He loves to spend time outdoors with his son and, as time allows, he advocates for more off-road cycling access in and around Portland.


Mike has been with the Lumberyard since 2012.

Now as the Operations Manager, Mike oversees the fun and safety of staff and customers here at the Lumberyard.


Myles is one of the Lead Instructors and awesome bicycle mechanics here at the Lumberyard. With 11 years of experience in BMX racing, Myles plans on helping riders develop more “bike control” as well as how to remain confident on and off the bike. Myles brings a relaxed yet focused approach to his training method, allowing riders to feel more comfortable while also feeling they are being pushed to work harder and progress in their skills.


Susan is our Greenhorns Instructor and Events Manager, planning and hosting birthday parties to corporate events. She also manages Lumberyard’s charitable giving program, providing donations to schools throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

Susan loves bikes, firmly believing the optimal quantity is always one more than she currently has. When not working, Susan can be found riding the ‘Yard (preferably with grandkids in tow) or volunteering for Red Cross and at Gateway Green for Northwest Trail Alliance. Beyond #BikeLife, Susan loves gardening, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, binge-watching BBC, and searching for her next smush-face to cuddle with.


Tarn has been a long time member of the Lumberyard family – he started riding at the Lumberyard when he was 13 years old. He took a break from shredding the boards for a few years and fell in love with trail riding, but now he is beyond excited to be back working the front desk and being an assistant instructor.

Tarn hopes to pass on his love for bikes and adventure to those around him. If you can’t find him at work or at school, check the trails and you might be able to catch him.


Having spent life chasing the dream – from being a ski bum in Colorado, rafting whitewater rivers across the Americas, to trying to figure out how to keep the rubber side down on bikes – Will has followed his passion across the country.

He left his job as an artist in the video game industry to open up the Lumberyard. The desire to share the passion for active recreation, pushing comfort zones, and having fun led to creating an urban bike mecca that has something for everyone.

When he is not working, he can be found skiing and riding bikes with his family.


Loki is our resident pooper. He is soooooo cute, but kinda smells. If you need a little ray of happiness to improve your day, just ask to hold him.* It will make you smile and forget about your worries.

Loki is here for you.

*Loki is now a little heavier to hold. 😉

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